About Cashflows & Portfolios

We wish we had a fancy introduction to share from a financial celebrity or star money manager on this site. But you know what?

We don’t have one. 

Then again, we don’t think we need one. More on that later!

Why this site?

While many financial websites or blogs (some of them that are very good by the way) discuss a personal finance journey, share top stocks, or revisit age-old debates such as investing or paying-down debt first, this is going to be genuinely different.

It’s different because it has you, the saver with any amount, and the investor at any age, and the aspiring retiree with any net worth, in mind – all the way. 

Cashflows and Portfolios is a site that will be dedicated to information, tools, financial case studies and more that you can personally put into action at any age.

The goal of this site (and everything related to it over time), is a desire to pull back the curtain so to speak and show you, in a tangible way, how real wealth-building can work. It will show you and deliver options on how to maintain that wealth once you’ve realized your financial independence destination. It will do so with information from expert sources and tools, with your best interests in mind. 

Saving, Investing, Portfolios and Beyond!

By showing members how to establish and understand your cash flow, taking into account your unique values and goals – we’ll help you figure out what’s left for investing purposes.

This site will then leverage your cash flow understanding to show how you can build a simple but responsible investment portfolio which can generate wealth over time. That portfolio can be monitored, with minimal effort, to give you as members back a bit more of what we all desire in our lives: the precious commodity of time.

And finally, after years of disciplined investing, when you’re ready to start thinking about some form of early retirement, semi-retirement or full-on retirement, at any age, members will be able to see through case studies and reports, how you can tailor your own portfolio to deliver meaningful retirement income. It will show you how you can enjoy the fruits of your labour so to speak, to draw down and enjoy the wealth you’ve worked so hard to establish.

We want this site structured this way because that’s how financial information should be presented. 

Saving, investing, portfolio building and monitoring should be a process. This process should be filled with actionable information and tools you can use or download on any given day. The process should be iterative, as you learn from case studies and reports from people who have “been there, done that” to adjust your own plan. And this process should be dynamic, current, and available for anyone, anywhere online that wishes to subscribe, learn and share as members. 

Cashflows and Portfolios is a process-focused and customer-focused website because that’s what we would have wanted to learn from many years ago too.

We know. 

We (Mark and Joe) are personal finance bloggers with a combined experience of over 25 years in helping Canadians with their finances.  Mark is the founder, editor and primary writer at popular finance blog, My Own Advisor which was established over 10 years ago! Joe is a father, Engineer, investor, and an online community builder who has founded popular finance sites in Canada – some that span all the way back to 2005.

As founders, owners and content managers of this site, we have started to realize some of our financial independence dreams in our 40s because we’ve been process-focused, do-it-yourself investors for many years. 

Now that we’ve realized a couple of our portfolio dreams, such as a 7-figure portfolio, we wanted to create an educational financial site that shares that thinking, that knowledge, those tools, and bring forward those learning opportunities to you.

We look forward to meeting you as members, and getting to know you and your journey. 

Mark & Joe