DIY Projections – Quick-Start Guide

This page has been developed to help you get started as your own retirement planner with our new DIY Projections Solution.

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Key Principles – Why DIY?

We believe there are several key principles that will make this DIY platform valuble to you:

  1. Investor-led planning – We believe investor-led planning puts financial planning at the heart of what’s important: you, your plans, your objectives. Meaning, the ability for DIY investors to enter their own data, see their own results, manage their own planning ultimately gets investors engaged about their financial future.
  2. Collaborative work makes for better outcomes – We believe when the DIY investor and the support model work well together – better outcomes happen. By using the platform, while the DIY investor does all the work, the value-add to the DIY investor comes from support: understanding software functionality such that the investor better understands the context of their financial decisions. This way, the platform and its features can be provided to investors in a lower-cost structure than other solutions.
  3. Higher trust & customer satisfaction – We believe the outcomes from investor-led planning and collaborative work translate into higher overall trust and better customer satisfaction. This opens up even more opportunities over time to streamline processes and improve services.

We hope you enjoy the platform.

What can I expect?

The platform helps any DIY investor navigate through the financial planning process work, just like a financial planner or advisor would, at a fraction of the cost.

We’ve broken down your DIY retirement planner role in two key phases…

1. Onboarding Phase: During this phase you (the DIY investor) creates a free account, logs into the account, completes your payment, and books any “Discovery Call” as needed. You can get started with the Discovery phase after payment.

2. DIY Planning Phase: During this phase you will complete three (3) key sub-phases: Discovery – includes entering all your facts and information; Foundation – includes a summary of your facts and information, including some edits and then Final Plan – includes detailed income and spending projections, and you can log your own actions as required.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding consists of signing the waiver/disclaimer, creating an account, then completing payment before we “open up” the platform for you. 

Creating An Account.

  • Once you complete the waiver/disclaimer, we will send you a link to create your account.
  • Once you create your account, you will then complete the onboarding questions – those questions take just 3-5 minutes to complete.
    • These questions are required since they help identify a “fit” for the software use. Meaning, if the answers align with the software configuration you become a perfect candidate to use the software on your own. For example, individuals with more than one rental and/or individuals that have a corporation are not good candidates for this solution due the complexities involved.
    • You can always use our other services of course for those complex projections! <link>
  • Answers to all onboarding questions will create your “Profile” in the software. As your own DIY planner you can change your profile at any time.

Here are some examples of the questions:

Onboarding - Where do you live

*Where do you live in important to know since you can use the software to understand tax implications. 

Onboarding - Do you have any debt

*Including debt payments in the software is important for accuracy and helping to time retirement income streams.

Onboarding - What accounts do you have

*Including all accounts and all assets related to those accounts will help create a more accurate retirement projections report or plan for you. 

Completing Payment.

After you sign the wavier/disclaimer, and complete your onboarding questions, you will complete payment.

Full access to the DIY Planning Phase will then be provided. You can use the software on-demand, as much as you want, when you want!

Unlike other software platforms, there is no trial period. Instead, we believe in opening up the software so you can use it as much as you wish and whenever you wish over a 90-day initial engagement period. Use the software just like a financial planner might but instead for a fraction of the cost.

After 90-days, you will continue to have access to the software for a very low monthly renewal fee including our ongoing support.

There is already built-in help into the platform.

And…we’ll be available for support too.

If you want to see the details of what you can use the software for, how, and the high-value results you’ll get from being your own DIY retirement planner, check out the following page for more details. 


Mark and Joe.