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If financial projections and retirement readiness are what you are after, we using some professional financial software (software that we are using for our own plans in fact), and making it available to you in our affordable and value-packed membership options. With this powerful software, we provide a detailed report(s) that answers questions specific to your financial situation and assumptions such as:

  • Do I have enough to retire?
  • When can I retire?
  • Will I run out of money in retirement?
  • What is the most I can spend in retirement?
  • How much of a financial legacy can I leave behind?
  • Should I take CPP at age 65 or 70?
  • How do I minimize OAS clawback?
  • Which account (and when) should I withdraw from for the highest tax efficiency and estate value?

Featured articles

Could You Retire if the Global Financial Crisis Happened Again?

Could you retire if The Global Financial crisis happened again?

Could you retire if the Global Financial Crisis happened again? With stocks tanking recently this summer along with rumours of another recession looming thanks to our existing housing crisis in Canada coupled with higher interest rates – we think this is a legitimate question to ask. You might recall The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) turned a few retirement dreams into investing nightmares. Stocks plunged in…

How to Start Investing for Beginners

how to start investing in canada

How to start investing can be challenging for many and there is seemingly so much information to know. It’s also a challenge to figure out who to trust – so many people want your money! How can you start investing? What accounts should you start investing with? Should you buy: funds/ETFs or individual stocks? Today’s post answers those questions and much more with references to…

Latest articles

Is Living Off Dividends a Mistake?

living of dividends a mistake

Passionate readers of this site and fellow DIY investors in Canada will know both of us here at Cashflows & Portfolios (along with many site subscribers and members as well!), have some form of plan to “live off dividends” during some semi-retirement or retirement years. However, we wanted to explore this question: is living off dividends a mistake? Read on for some thoughts and risks…

Is now the time to change your investing plan?

time to change your investing plan

2022 was a wild investing year. Stocks and bonds both crashed. This year, so far at least, things are on the upswing with stocks year to date but Mr. Market is always a very fickle guy! Last year: Anyone with “diamond hands” (holding some crypto assets) might have had their hands turned to stone – these assets tanked. (Bitcoin lost about 60% of its value!)…

Can you retire using just your TFSA?

retire using only your tfsa

The opportunity for Canadians to save and invest tax-free over decades could be considered one of the greatest wonders of our modern financial world. This begs an important question: If you start early enough – Can you retire using just your TFSA? We believe so and in today’s updated post we’ll show you how! Can you retire using just your TFSA? Why the TFSA is…

Should You Invest in a High-Interest ETF?

Some fans of this site own dividend-paying stocks for income and growth. We do too! Other fans of our site own low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to passively ride market returns. Yes, we do too! But there are many other ways to invest…including the use of a high-interest ETF for some cash buffer against bonds and equities as asset classes. Should you invest in a…

Best ETFs for your RRSP

best ETFs for your RRSP

You’ve saved and contributed to your RRSP for this tax year. Kudos! Now, what do you buy? Well, if you want to invest inside your RRSP using Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), you’ve come to the right place. We believe these are some of the Best ETFs for your RRSP. Best ETFs for your RRSP Why ETFs? Let’s be clear: there are a lot of ways to invest. …

RRSP Deadline and Contribution Limit

RRSP Deadline and Contribution Limit, and Everything in Between!

Before we start, as quick reminder, the RRSP contribution deadline for 2023 is March 1, 2023. Read on! There are a lot of RRSP questions going around, especially during RRSP season. This is why we have this comprehensive post so you can find everything you need to know about the RRSP in one spot! What is an RRSP and how does it work? What is…

New Year Financial Checklist Items

financial checklist for the new year

Out with the old, in with the new some say. Welcome to 2023! That said, whatever is old can also be new again with our valuable new year financial checklist items – to start your 2023 personal finance journey off right! Budgets are good but monitoring your cashflow is better in any year! While budgets are good we’re not really fans of them here on…

Our Best Posts of 2022

Wow, where does the time go?? 2023 is around the corner, and with that, we figured we’d share some of our favourite posts from 2022 that really resonated with our readers and members, posts that got some media attention, and/or posts that really added value to many visitors to our site based on feedback – detailed case studies (for free!) about potential retirement drawdown orders…