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If financial projections and retirement readiness are what you are after, we using some professional financial software (software that we are using for our own plans in fact), and making it available to you in our affordable and value-packed membership options. With this powerful software, we provide a detailed report(s) that answers questions specific to your financial situation and assumptions such as:

  • Do I have enough to retire?
  • When can I retire?
  • Will I run out of money in retirement?
  • What is the most I can spend in retirement?
  • How much of a financial legacy can I leave behind?
  • Should I take CPP at age 65 or 70?
  • How do I minimize OAS clawback?
  • Which account (and when) should I withdraw from for the highest tax efficiency and estate value?

Featured articles

What is the Bucket Approach, and Does it Work?

the retirement bucket approach

In a previous post on our site, we asked: What’s your retirement number? The genesis behind that post was sharing the best practices from our members, their own lessons learned – to pay it forward to others. Implied in that post was a Bucket Approach. Read on… One of the concepts in that post was to ensure “when in doubt, add financial cushion” is what…

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Our Top-5 Stocks and Holdings

Our TOP 5 Stocks and Holdings

Over the years of running various sites, and including our work here at Cashflows & Portfolios over the last few years, the founders (Mark and Joe) have received many requests to share what our portfolios looks like, why, how we’re investing and what companies we are thinking about buying more of over time as DIY self-directed investors. Well, to help answer some of those questions…

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Why the 4% Rule Doesn’t Work for Early Retirement (FIRE)

The 4% rule is a common rule of thumb in many retirement planning circles, including the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) community in particular. But…we don’t really like it for FIRE! What does the 4% rule actually mean? Should the 4% rule be used for any FIRE-seeker? Does the 4% rule really matter to retirement planning at all? Read on to find out our final…

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Latest articles

How Much Do I Need to Save to Retire by 50?

retire by 50 image

How much do you need to save to retire by age 50? Could early retirement by age 50 occur using the appreciated value of your home? Is that an option for you? It’s absolutely an option for some given how hot real estate has been in Canada. Read on to learn more and why using the appreciated value of your home could work wonders for…

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How Much Do I Need to Save to Retire by 40?

retire by 40

How much do you need to save to retire by age 40?  The simple facts are: if you save early, save often, and invest your money wisely it has the potential to grow. In fact, it might grow to the point whereby you can consider retiring earlier than most. Financial independence facts to remember Financial Independence (FI) is a simple concept and with some planning…

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Savings by Age – Are You Saving Enough?

Savings by age

Have you considered the amount of cash savings by age you should have?  As you navigate through life, it’s probably a given your savings goals will change. Your needs and wants will evolve. So will your “sleep at night” factor. We know, we’ve been there and continue to think about money too. Based on our experiences and from the interactions we’ve had with tens of…

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When Should I Start Investing?

when should i start investing

Synopsis:  One question that we often see, particularly from young people, is “When should I start investing?”  This article will review factors such as debt, emergency funds, and a couple of scenarios showing Steve who is risk-averse and invests in cash-only instruments, vs Susan who believes in the benefits of long-term investing in equities. Maybe after reading our bios or one of our comprehensive posts…

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Carrying a Mortgage into Retirement – An Early Retiree Case Study

carrying a mortgage into retirement

Synopsis: The following case study was prepared to demonstrate how investors may consider structuring their asset drawdown plans, including carrying a mortgage into retirement. Thanks to a reader, Adam (changed for privacy/publishing purposes), for sharing their information. Carrying a Mortgage into Retirement Adam admits, his retirement draw-down plans with his wife might be a bit more complicated than most but like most retirees, he wants…

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When to Take CPP in Retirement – A Case Study

when to take cpp case study

Synopsis: The following case study was prepared to demonstrate how investors may consider structuring their asset drawdown plans, including when to take Canada Pension Plan (CPP) in retirement. Thanks to a reader, Cindy (changed for privacy/publishing purposes), for sharing their information. When to take CPP in retirement Cindy has worked hard, has maintained a great paying job for many years, and is now ready to…

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The Truth about Retirement Income Planning

retirement income planning

If you’ve landed on this page today, you’re already aware that any retirement income planning truly starts with you. You are ultimately the one that must decide how your retirement will look and feel like.  It will take some thought.  It will take some planning on your part. It may even take some changes. But on this section of our site, however, it is our…

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$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Draw!

*** This giveaway is now closed – Congratulations to Trisha! *** $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Draw! Thanks for stopping by Cashflows & Portfolios, a new site dedicated to helping you become wealthier regardless of your stage of life. We (Mark and Joe) are personal finance bloggers that have been around the block (more than once!) with a combined experience of over 25 years in…

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The Power of WHY

One of the biggest financial issues we see and hear about today is called ‘Lifestyle Creep’.  Simply put, that’s allowing our expenses to creep higher and faster than our income will allow. It’s a consequence of moving towards or staying in a negative cash flow situation. Yet spending money is not a bad thing – in fact on this site – we encourage it!  You’ll…

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The Four Keys to Investing Success

four keys to investing success

Like we mentioned in an earlier post, a big part of good financial management starts with cash flow management.  Once you get those basics down, you can evolve from there. From saving to investing but also to other elements of financial planning. You can venture into tax planning, insurance management, estate planning and more. We’ll touch on some of those elements later but for the…

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